TIBUS decals



Exclusive decal with TIBUS logo in two sizes. Premium quality, noble grey, matte, with black writing. Self adhesive.


big 160 x 75 mm or

small 110 x 50 mm


Decal "TIBUS-Logo / big" EUR 2,95 + shipping

Decal "TIBUS-Logo / small" EUR 1,95 + shipping



Decal in fashionable retro style: "Plaque", round with TIBUS logo and typical off-roader in action. Two sizes, premium quality, multi-colored, glossy laminated. Self adhesive.


Decal "Plaque / small" diameter 200 mm

Decal "Plaque / big" diameter 400 mm


Decal "Plaque / small" EUR 3,95 + shipping

Decal "Plaque / big" EUR 8,95 + shipping



An absolute eye-catcher: yellow decal with TIBUS web address in stunning off-road design. Premium quality, black print. Self adhesive.


300 x 75 mm.


Decal "TIBUS-Web" EUR 3,95 + shipping

TIBUS windscreen-decal



Foil plot decal for front windscreen: light gray, matte. Self adhesive, to be installed from inside. Material ORACAL461.

Dimensions: 130 x 4,5 cm

Price: Decal "TIBUS wind-screen" EUR 9,95 + shipping




High-quality foil plot decal specifically for Land Rover Defender or Series, to be installed at the side of the bonnet, right and left. But also suitable for other vehicles and applications. Material ORACAL461, self adhesive. Available in two fonts: black or light gray, matte.

Dimensions: 80 x 5,2 cm

Price pp: Decal "TIBUS-OFFROAD" EUR 9,95 + shipping

Please specify the desired font color when ordering. By default, we supply font in black.