TIBUS HD CV joint and shaft for Defender and Discovery 1. Notice the 23 HD splines for extra strength. Complete set front CV´s and axle shafts made of 4340 Chromoly steel for extra durability. They are 3 times stronger than stock shafts. Suitable for Defender and Discovery 1. This is one of the best you can get on the market.  See the difference between our shaft on the left and the regular Rover design.

Drive Flanges


TIBUS extra HD drive flanges for your Defender. Others may look the same but nobody else make them out of hardened 4340 steel like we do. Complete rear trailing arms (radius arms) for Defender 90/110/130
The probably strongest you can get. All parts are machined out of one piece 4340 steel and hardened. Nothing is welded.  We use HD rubber/steel bushings for Mercedes truck for your safety. It is a perfect match. Easy to adjust and easy to mount.